I am the devoted and faithful friend you have
been looking for. I will be committed to making
you happy every second of the day. Whether it’s
my unwavering attention and following you
everywhere or doing things to make you smile,
we’ll be great together. I will be up to date on
my vaccinations and de-worming upon arrival to my
new home. Don’t let me pass you by, and take me

  We have English Bulldogs ready now!  

                                                                                                                        Description of Breed

The Miniature Bulldog was first developed in America in the late nineteen eighties by experienced English Bulldog breeders with some twenty years of experience. The motive and goal was improved health and reduced size for apartment dwellers. But also there was improved behavior and obedience. The Miniatures want to please their people. They are very loyal, stay right with their people and mind where ever they go.They are registered with ACA (Description courtesy Miniature Bulldog Association And International Registry) Our miniature bulldogs are only bred Registered Miniature to Registered Miniature that goes 3 generations back. The Miniature Bulldog is great with children. Though they tend to be cautious with strangers, they are
well behaved and affectionate with an even disposition. The following are the distinct types of build for Miniature Bulldogs: Classic Traditional - are more heavily built, often with more wrinkles, the preferred beefy look. Classic Standard - have some of the traditional look, but are not quite as beefy and wrinkled. They have  greater athletic ability. Classic Athletic - have great looks, smaller head and less athletic ability. Athletic - have all the bulldog features of the 1900's but a very small head in comparison to the Classic. Traditional and are thinner with great athletic ability. Super loyal and very intelligent. Super Athletic - have early 1900's look, unbelievable stamina, speed and ability; responds quickly, are  super loyal and highly intelligent. Rockriverbulldogs concentrate on producing a true Miniature English Bulldog with the classic traditonal and standard bulldog look. Our goal is to not only have small and cute bulldogs, but to develop a more active and healthier breed.


This Little girl is looking for her forever home!